Victory is an apparel company that believes in never giving up,

a company that believes in the value of an inspiring community, and a company that believes in giving back. We want to provide you with apparel that inspires and celebrates your victories.


At Victory, we believe that every day holds opportunities - both

big and small – to improve our world and ourselves. Opportunities to find inner strength, to take a positive step forward, or to overcome life's unforeseen challenges, must be seized in order for us to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.


At Victory, we believe in a community that builds upon and celebrates the successes of each member. By sharing your victories, no matter the size, we believe every member of our community will become empowered to improve themselves, to encourage others, and to positively impact the world we live in.


At Victory, we believe in giving back. Ten percent of the profit from each purchase will be donated to charity. We have chosen several charitable pillars to which we will donate, but we'll also ask for input from you, the Victory community.